ABOUT US: After more than 40 years of collecting, we offer part of the collection for sale through this webshop. Previously, we only offered our collection at a number of fairs. But we have come to enjoy the combination of collecting and selling so much that we also started running a webshop. Because we also keep track of collection exchanges and the providers on advertising sites, our collection is constantly changing. When purchasing, we always pay attention to the quality / price ratio. We aim for the best possible quality. So you always get your money's worth! The price can also be determined on the basis of rarity and the condition of the item. Unsatisfied: Unfortunately, it can happen that for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the item obtained. We would like to receive an email (classic-diecast@outlook.com) in which you explain why you are not satisfied. We will answer your email as soon as possible. And look for the right solution together with you. So that we can keep you as a satisfied customer of our webshop.